About Us

Endurance Shield is made by athletes for athletes. We create sunscreen that you want to wear. 


About the people behind Endurance Shield:

Jarrod Shoemaker and Alicia Kaye are married, professional triathletes who transplanted themselves into the sunny state of Florida in 2010. Jarrod grew up as a beach lifeguard and spent a great deal of time in the sun. Alicia grew up in Canada and the Florida sun was becoming taxing on her sensitive skin. They were both fed up with sunscreens that were currently on the market and began to search for a better sunscreen. Through a mutual friend, they were introduced to Cherie Dobbs. Cherie already produced multiple skin care products in the spa and pharmaceutical industry. She felt that she could meet their needs with a current sun care product that she was developing. They were immediately intrigued and went through a laundry list of demands for a sunscreen.

They had to have a sunscreen that worked as hard as they do and could endure their hardest workouts. Together, they developed a sunscreen with great ingredients that was water-resistant, sweat-resistant, moisturizing, safe for sensitive skin, non-comedogenic, and that protected against UVA & UVB. They were amazed by the sunscreen and quickly began expanding Endurance Shield’s other products. Cherie immediately produced an incredible lip protectant with SPF and a chamois crème. 
Though this project began with the mission of developing the best sunscreen on the market, they are excited and motivated to continue developing incredible products inspired by triathlon for the entire family. 

Questions or comments: Email us at info@enduranceshield.com.