Alicia Kaye

Alicia Kaye is a co-founder of Endurance Shield. Her "aha" moment came in the form of an ultraviolet skin cancer screening at a local school’s wellness fair where she and Jarrod  were speaking. After years of racing and training, her face showed signs of skin damage and precursors to melanoma.

Alicia grew up swimming and running and took to triathlons through the Kids of Steel program in Canada. She turned pro at the young age of 14 and raced her first ITU pro race at 16. She took a step back from triathlon and earned her degree in Sports Psychology and a Masters Degree in Athletic Counseling.

2011 represented a year of big changes and successes for Alicia.  Formally an athlete focused on ITU racing, she transitioned into olympic distance non-draft triathlon.  Alicia lead the Lifetime Series and 5150 series for much of the 2011 season.  Her 2012 season saw a 2nd place finish in the Lifetime Series and a win at the Herbalife LA Triathlon. In 2013, Alicia won the St. Anthony's Triathlon.