Kelly Williamson

Kelly focuses on non-draft long course racing. She was 2nd at Ironman 70.3 World Championships last year and is continuing to perform well in 2013.

Kelly on why Endurance Shield is her favorite sunscreen:
"Endurance Shield is unique in that it is very light, non-greasy and doesn't feel like it 'coats' your skin. Living in Austin, TX I need to apply sunscreen constantly and often a fair amount of it. If sunscreen is 'thick' I am unlikely to put much on, but this is so light in texture that it goes on very easily. Additionally when you sweat it doesn't burn your eyes. Having tried numerous sunscreens, Endurance Shield has nailed the basics very well."
Kelly on why sunscreen is important:
"Living in Austin, Texas sunscreen is extremely important to my lifestyle, being outside daily, sometimes up to 5-6 hours at a time. The problem is actually wanting to apply it to your skin when you will sweat so much. That is what is great about Endurance Shield, no matter how much you apply it goes on light and you barely notice it. It's essential simply for long-term skin health." 


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